Individual Online Video Therapy


Laptop Typing on Bed

Imagine, therapy where you don't have to drive, park... heck, even get out of your pajama pants. That's what it's like doing video therapy. From the comfort of your home, we'll meet by secure, easy to use video chat.


Recent studies show that online therapy is just as effective as meeting in person with your therapist. Sessions on video chat involve the same high level of focus and impact as individual in-person therapy. You'll quickly get used to the ease of tele-therapy and will completely forget we're not actually together!

Video therapy is perfect for clients with busy schedules, scheduling constraints, or who live outside my direct area. This service is available to clients living in greater Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Please call me at (860) 339-6515 or use the link below to schedule your complimentary initial phone consultation to talk about starting video therapy.