Contributions in the Media & Community

As their guest speaker, I helped BIC Corporation kick off their company-wide wellness initiative. I spoke to employees about the impact of Social Media on their emotional health, relationships, and sense of connection to each other. You can read the adapted content on my blog posts, linked below. 

What do you do when your friends don't like your partner? You're likely not sure how or if you can keep both in your life. In this article published by Insider, I share my tips on how to navigate the tension that can occur. 

Bustle is a news media outlet "for and by women who are moving as fast as you are." In this article I help readers understand the signs that you may be too reliant on your partner for your happiness. It may seem obvious that you should look to your partner for happiness; however, it can be a fast track to discontent.

In this article by Closetbox I share my insight into how to begin to heal from the death of a parent. 

At The Sherwood School in Old Saybrook, I helped parents learn how to raise kids who grow into emotionally and personally resilient adults. You can read my blog series here on the subject, which is adapted from my "Raising Resilience" talk.

I'm an active member of The Old Saybrook Chamber of Commerce. Our new initiative, Mind Body Saybrook, brings emotional, physical, and mental heath to the shoreline! Visit the Facebook page for updated events and information. 

Lending Tree picked up my work to help couples navigate financial tension, and better understand what their money problems are saying about their relationship. 

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